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Flood damage. If you think it only happens when rivers overflow in the rainy season, think again. If your building has any plumbing - be it the bathroom, the coffee maker, the water cooler, or the ice maker - you have a potential "flood" on your hands. A burst pipe or loose connection can leave you with a swamp where the wall-to-wall carpet used to be.

Proper drying and dehumidifying techniques can save time and money.

The Enemy - Moisture

Because of the way moisture and humidity work, areas that don't seem “affected” by the water can be damaged within hours. High levels of indoor humidity can lead to mold and mildew damage and corrosion. Materials and equipment far from the "problem" can be damaged or ruined if humidity isn't taken care of - quickly. A restoration professional can help reduce property loss by controlling the surrounding environment, creating a balanced drying system and removing water vapor from the air faster than it is released from wet materials. This will help wet materials dry faster, and protect dry materials and equipment from getting wet through the high humidity.

Two Kinds of Dehumidification

Desiccant dehumidification is probably what you expect. Room air is "pulled" across a drying agent that draws moisture out, helping the area to dry more quickly. Desiccant is the choice in colder temperatures for drying structures (like wood, floors, walls, and ceilings).

Refrigerant dehumidification also offers advantages. With this technique, ambient air is cooled below its dew point temperature - moisture is condensed - "sweated out" - of materials. Though this is a slower process, it is the best choice when:

  • It's very warm.
  • Drying highly absorbent materials, like carpet and upholstery.
  •  Minimizing shrinkage is optimal.


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